We Care

Investing in a sustainable future

WG&R are committed to caring for the environment, actively promoting awareness and sustainable business practices which permeate through every level of our business culture.

We have structured our approach to sustainability by way of 3 target areas.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

We have implemented measurable objectives throughout the company that challenges our ability to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and operating costs.


Keeping heating and air conditioning systems well maintained helps them to operate efficiently.

Thermostat control

Optimum performance is achieved when office temperatures are between 70c and 72c.


Buildings can leak enormous amounts of energy, through heated air escaping in the winter and cooled air escaping in the summer.

Unplug chargers

Mobile device chargers continue to consume power ever when you’re not using them.

Turn off equipment at night

Computers use 10-60% of power even when on ‘stand by’

Install energy-efficient light bulbs

A variety of options are available, including compact fluorescent lamps and LED lamps.

Switch lights off

Like all electrical items, switch off the lights when they're not in use.

Keep your fridge cool

Keep your fridge at the right temperature and defrost regularly to keep it working efficiently.

Bring just enough to boil

When using a kettle, only boil as much water as you need.


Environmental protection and the prevention of pollution influence our transport policies, which target reductions in fuel consumption, air pollution, and the carbon dioxide output of our vehicle fleet.

Vehicle deployment

We have converted vans into crew buses and employ sharing schemes to limit the number of vehicles required at a single site and reduce our carbon footprint.

Drive smart

Our drivers are encouraged to reduce engine output by driving smoothly, accelerating gently and reading the road ahead to avoid unnecessary braking.

Regular servicing

Well maintained vehicles can improve fuel efficiency by up to 40%.

Route planning

Being stuck in traffic and getting lost wastes fuel and creates unnecessary CO2 emissions.


Recycling is an important aspect of our business and engenders support from our employees and external agencies to dispose of unwanted/end-of-life items in an environmentally-friendly manner.


Computers, monitors, hard drives and circuit boards are disposed in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive).


Batteries and fluorescent tubes contain harmful chemicals and are recycled at specialist depots.

Copper cable

99% of telecom and electrical cable components can be repurposed through responsible recycling methods.


Think before you print and double sided printing policies reduce our paper waste.